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Ocoee River Tubing

Cool off this summer with a relaxing float down the beautiful Lower Ocoee River. OAR provides all the equipment you need, along with a guide for every 10 people to keep you safe on the water. The river is just a short bus ride up the road from our Outpost. This adventure is great for big groups, small families, or a few friends. There are no age restrictions, so you can bring the little ones along too! Children must be able to fit into OAR life jackets (50 lbs) or bring their own life jacket if accompanied by a parent/guardian. The Ocoee River Tubing journey ends back at our Outpost, making for a convenient, no hassle excursion.

Fishing, Swimming, And More

If you’ve come to experience a taste of the outdoors…you’ve caught the right destination. Our lakes and rivers are filled with many varieties of fish including crappie, bluegill, white bass, trout, catfish, yellow bass, yellow perch and pickerel. While Spring and Summer are the most popular months for fishing, more and more fishermen are finding out how good the cooler months can be as well.

Warm and cold water fish can be found in our many reservoirs. Click on the link to be taken to a list of the Lake and Pond Fishing areas.

Maybe rivers and streams are more your angle…if so you are in the right place. Stocked trout streams provide opportunities for anglers who catch and release as well as those who wish to harvest trout for consumption. Rainbow trout averaging 8 to 12 inches are stocked in many streams, typically between March and September. The USDA site has a list of river and stream fishing areas.

Ready For Some Rapids?

Check Out Middle Ocoee

The middle section of the Ocoee River is America’s favorite stretch of whitewater with some of the wettest and wildest action around! This section is great for beginners or the experienced rafter with over 20 continuous class III & IV rapids. With plenty of places to surf and play, you’ll see why thousands of folks return year after year to raft this classic 5-mile run. Starting just below the Ocoee Dam No. 2, you’ll encounter your first big rapid, Grumpy’s, then its on to Broken Nose, Roller Coaster, Table Saw, Hell’s Hole and many more. Top that all off with a great place to swim about half way down and you’ll certainly become “one” with the river. Our wonderful river guides will help make your adventure one to remember. Better bring a change of dry clothes…you WILL get wet! (Remember: Chil- dren must be at least 12 years old to raft the Ocoee)

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