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Ocoee Whitewater Rafting - Class V

The upper section of the Ocoee River is known for its class V rapids. Because the upper river is where the water is released directly from the reservoir, it generates the most intense rapids seen in Ocoee. This whitewater rafting experience is reserved for those that are experienced rafters and have shown adequate training in such situations.

For those that have proven their ability, these rapids provide an intense, one-of-a-kind experience for thrill seekers and adventure lovers who want something more challenging than the rapids found in middle Ocoee River.

The Full River Experience

Ready for a full day of adventure on the Ocoee River? This is classic Tennessee white water rafting at it’s finest, including 10 miles of raging rapids to wet your appetite. We’ll start you off in the remote gorge near Ocoee Dam No.3, then it’s on downstream to some in- tense class III & IV big water. About half way down, the Ocoee River narrows into the Olympic white water competition course. Your adrenaline will be pumping! Your Full River Trip includes a riverside picnic lunch served at the end of the Upper section. Picnic lunch includes sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit, sweet tea and lemonade. Just when you thought you’ve experienced it all, we’ll shoot down the middle Ocoee and take on over 20 more class III & IV rapids including Double Suck, Flipper, Diamond Splitter and Hell’s Hole. This combo trip takes about 5 hours to complete. This trip is only available on weekends from mid May thru September, so don’t wait to book it! This is one white water adventure that’s tough to beat. (Remember: Children must be at least 12 years old to raft the Ocoee).

Ready For A Real Challenge?

Check Out Class V Ocoee

Ocoee Class V rafting with Outdoor Adventures is absolutely the most extreme whitewater rafting trip out there. This trip is not for first time rafters. To be eligible for an Ocoee Class V trip, you must qualify during a regular OAR Ocoee Full River, Upper Ocoee, or Middle Ocoee rafting trip. Qualifications include ability to swim, self rescue into a raft, experience with white-water, and experience surfing inside a hydraulic. During your regular Ocoee whitewater rafting trip, your guide has the option to include Ocoee Class V training. If you make the cut, you will receive an Ocoee Class V certification card. Want to take the most challenging lines, surf the biggest hydraulics, and brave the most daring stunts possible on the Ocoee River? Use your Ocoee Class V certification card to book your trip now!

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